This is a follow up on the Destruction post, although it takes a nearly opposing point of view.

When faced with a shock to the system, we go into an animal defensive. Our alerts, on either a personal or societal level, ring until we are deaf with fear. We hide in the shell until the danger passes. The danger: wars, thugs, layoffs, rejections, asymmetries. Anything that upsets the system. As mentioned before, the destruction takes away a chunk of the shell; it does not create anything by itself.

But once the shock passes, we look up from underneath the cover and rebuild. We use the steel beams of the WTC as monuments, we forge skyscrapers at nuclear ground zeros. We shrug off Bear Stearns, and invest in our future. Or at least we should. This is a normative argument: we must use creativity to push back the blackness of destruction. It is a struggle of the living against the dead. It is again an animal struggle.

And in our process of redemptive creation, we find the newest thought. The newest art. The sounds of the phoenix. Life is vivid, we are reminded. Here it is. So how to reconcile the positive effects of healing, and potential strengthening, with the black hole of destructive processes? How to correctly draw causality, a thin line in the sand between inspiration and evil? I don’t yet know.

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