4-Panel Story: Middle.

We come to the middle of the story, and there are many paths to take.

After years of pause and wait, the collision feels all too sudden.
I remember how you tried to pull me back.
Oh, how you tried to force me back to you.
For a long time, there had been some sort of momentum. No more.
I ran, finally free, finally broken down into tiny pieces.
It is strange how quickly things seem to be moving now.
We muscled through the pain together, only to be stopped in our tracks by the tempest’s wrath.
No matter how much fight went into the effort, it was in vain.
Slow and steady, just hold on.
I don’t remember what happened after the sinking.
The world spun, sky blurring into a mess of blue and white.
Couldn’t breathe, each gulp of air filled with emptiness.
There was so much to see and take in, but we raced by, barely able to notice.
They went back to where they came from, leaving nothing but emptiness behind.
Looking back on it, there was no control at all over destiny.
The journey was absolute, decisive.
There was no regret, only a permanent sense of loss.
The road traveled that day has left a long scar in my memory.
There was nothing we couldn’t do, until that final goodbye.
One step closed, day by day, we inched towards the finale.
Couldn’t see past the tops of the trees, too thick.
Further and further, we descended into a dark madness.
I climbed on, with the fact that you lay on the cliffs below burning away at my thoughts.
I guess we’ll never see each other again, not with this distance between us.
Your silhouette moved further and further way, until nothing was left but the distant shore.
I cried out your name, once, twice, but the thunder swallowed my words.
Nature roared with laughter at our struggle, waiting to swallow us whole; or even worse, just one.
I blame our choices for getting us here, but the only way is up. It is far.
I have no mouth, but I must scream.
The travel is long, exhausting. You are tired, burnt out, on the verge of collapse.
He built you up just to tear you down, layer by layer, until nothing was left but the long road back.
Your trust got you to this dreadful place, only perseverance will get you out.
Feeling the wind behind our backs, we gave the final push to freedom.
With heavy hearts, we struck a path downwards.
Like echoes reverberating against the cold walls, your memory faded out of existence.
She would never forgive me, so I carried my burden through the landscape to easier ground.
Hour after hour, prying open those eyes, wrestling with my own soul for some rest.
Just another minute, I thought, just one more chance, one more is all.
Never giving up ground, never a single moment of respite, just the body plunging endlessly.
The sound drowned out all hope, muted cries muffled by the enormity of the moment.
I have been looking for the rest of myself, but found only worthless nostalgia.
The thunder within dwarfed the turbulence outside, nature just a pale comparison of the human soul.
Finally closing the loop, I plunged back into the unknown darkness.
The gap widened further. Shadows swallowed the distant shore, a life forgotten.
Everyday we reinvent ourselves, forgetting those that we leave behind, forgetting what we once had.
Crushed by nature’s brute force, you gave it all away.
Pure distilled boredom filled the room. It was you.
A lovely face disappeared into the darkness. She never loved me enough.
Still eating from the same plate, all these years later. Haven’t you learned?
It was too easy to laugh, to ridicule this suffering, a trap that you had just escaped.

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