4-Panel Story: End.

The arc concludes.

Finally, a rest.
I was too strong in letting go.
There is a hole in the earth for each of us.
This is the end.
What a way to spend a Saturday.
Can’t even catch my breath.
Always hungry for more, no matter how far we go.
I guess it was always an issue of trust.
This is how belief is forged.
A beautiful ending to heartbreak.
I deserved this.
My weakness always shows.
No matter how much we build, they always tear it down.
Fright came at last.
An unbearable cold settled in our hearts.
So much water.
So much more to learn.
The water circled us like a tremendous vulture.
An expert in going too far.
Some sort of bright oasis in this storm.
Subdued by the wind, the thunder quieted down.
The mist settled to the ground, revealing our salvation.
A flock finally at home.
What is a herd without a shepherd.
Nothing could stop this kind of tyranny.
I would give anything to have made it work.
It was not enough.
No hole too deep for you to hide in.
I’ve earned all of this.
There is only so much to say about the obvious.
The clouds parted, revealing a piercing ray of sunshine.
I saw it finally, beyond the thorned branches.
She was so beautiful in that moment of letting go.
I landed hard, too hard.
A soft landing, undeserved.
We’ve built it together.
Asking questions got us this far.
Thorough and final, this process.
How could one quench a thirst like this?
Another life, thrown away.
I discarded the old, and headed up.
Learning to fly was only the first step.
And why not?
Too easy for this sinner.
Impeccably peaceful.
No more searching, no more questioning. It is all here.
But of course, there was not enough time.
All that remained was time. Time to waste.
The lights flickered and I lost your hand.
An answer too final to doubt.

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