Photo: Greece-2.
September 30th, 2009 by Lex

Something solid for the soul. No arguments, just easy, digestible compositions of stone and sky.




Photo: Greece-1.
September 25th, 2009 by Lex

We prop the titans of our history with flimsy structure, temporal and arrogant. A weight of stone and time rests for a moment on metal crutches.




Photo: Rusty Dinosaur-3.
August 2nd, 2009 by Lex

A distant relative emerges from the waters, scrapes its long neck and plunges its life into a restless rust.



Photo: Santorini-1.
July 24th, 2009 by Lex

A ringing of idyllic bells in the idyllic Santorini. Delicate shapes caress the sky.





Digital: Massive Journey-5.
July 22nd, 2009 by Lex

Another piece is paved, hits the road, flies open, starts a revolution and so on and so forth.



Digital: Massive Journey-4.
July 20th, 2009 by Lex

Back, with a dive into a journey within a Kandinsky.



Photos: Glass Hive-6.
June 18th, 2009 by Lex

An end to dazed confusion.


A monument of edifice and stability.


An animal of spine and purpose.


Wings spread to fly.