There are people.
May 9th, 2008 by Seamus

It is sad to see the self-destructive continue in a self-righteous way of life, never removing a cast or a bandage in fear of people recognizing that they’re just fine, and that they may have always been just fine. Some of these people are fortunate enough to have everything. They have people who love them and will always love them. This unconditional bound which may even originate from their attempts to victimize themselves and come off as an insecure, humble and sweet person.

To get beneath that and see a person who willingly hates and refuses to acknowledge anything truly good, comfortable living in a self created world of sadness and angst is even worse. Further frustrating is the idea that we live in an age where humbling truths are so easily accessible. Visible everywhere is a mass of destruction, sadness, poor health and, to be frank, a constant and unavoidable bleak motion that is as constant as the earth’s orbit around the sun. It is as constant, heavy and obvious as gravity. Perhaps since it is so like gravity in the respect that we seldom stop to think about its force until something falls on us that many refuse to recognize this humbling bleakness. All the same it is still sad. To keep quiet and, in a self satisfactory fashion, victimize one’s self to achieve the righteous, holier than though sentiment. Hope is hard to come by. 

The following two songs are the entirety of Days Run Away IV. At 18 minutes a piece, they add up to being over 30 minutes long. The songs have movements and resolve themselves like narratives. They consist of manipulated guitars, keys and heavily processed vocals. The pieces together are entitled XIII: The Chrome Earth.

This is the first track: 01 days run away i_ chrome sky_chrome earth [no. 2].mp3

This is the Second Track: 02 days run away ii_ 101901[biii]83.mp3