Sixty One: Sideways.
September 8th, 2008 by Lex



A reflection of our tensions in an urban environment, a sideways glance into illusion.

Fifty Five.
June 24th, 2008 by Lex



Mirror looking over the World Trade Center construction site.

May 8th, 2008 by Lex

A more menacing version of the mask idea. It’s a great juxtaposition of the human face with a building structure; and it helps that the face is also artificial. The alignment of windows as eyes adds a playful element.


Forty Eight.
May 6th, 2008 by Lex

A glass arrangement reflects light through a window and mirror. Artificial elegance at its most transparent. A luxury indulgence of shattered illusion.


Twenty Eight.
March 28th, 2008 by Lex

A mirror reflecting darkness. Not sure how good the execution is, but the concept is satisfying.

mirror no light

Twenty Two.
March 17th, 2008 by Lex


The window is a very powerful symbol, playing the role of both door and mirror. Even more so, it creates a veil of imagination that enriches out perception. The truth is, behind the windows in the shot above are cubicles. Rows upon rows of beige cubicles, with tired analysts staring at computers. Behind the window is the world of the mundane. One could certainly delve into that world, and photograph their tired faces–but that would be trite. Instead we focus on the possibility, on that potential seen in the window, a reflection of ourselves made fantastical.

February 26th, 2008 by Lex


This photograph is unaltered. A clear tension emerges from the juxtaposition of structure and natural line, highlighted by an unrelenting light.