Creativity Without Purpose.
October 21st, 2008 by Lex

Funding for technology and media start-ups is severely drying up, as the main available business model (advertising) is taking a nosedive with the rest of the economy. This will, hopefully, raise the bar. What happens though to all the unspent creativity? What do people who are marginal losers in this situation do instead?

Perhaps it goes into some pool of reserves energy, to be brought out next cycle. Or maybe people give up their dreams of color and font, and become accountants. It must be aesthetically satisfying to practice such an act of self-denial: the economy has got me down, and I have no choice but to abandon my freedom.

They must practice it in small ways. Sneaking in synchronized excel formatting. Switching up the paper for their PowerPoint presentations. Wearing a green tie to work.

Or maybe, and this is a hopeful maybe, we can divorce the practice of creativity from actual “practice”. We abstract it, and make it its own pursuit. Goals, results, etc etc, are by-products; and if they are that much harder to reach in this environment, why not indulge in pure and meaningless art?

Six O’clock (For JSW)
April 3rd, 2008 by Jordan

The excuses have all been recited -
Ev’n the gloam does not descend but attend,
A squire biding time until beknighted -
And so each feint rings false, but we pretend
(As we have always done, and yet will do)
That these barren seconds may yet bear fruit.
But what the dusk-deep’ned sky reveals is true:
That is, “production” is a fool’s pursuit.
So wring your hands over work unassigned
If you must, bask in an ever more fraught
Sense of self. Or don’t, for, you know, the mind
Is an awful thing to waste: on this: for naught.
Oh, but do not ask for whom the bell tolls;
For, come six, you know where the Big Boss strolls.